I established Deadblind in 2017 and have always been a one-man-operation, currently working out of my home studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. I started out of pure love and passion for jewellery and the art of crafting it by hand. I have always loved using my hands to create things, and as my passion for jewellery started growing, the two would naturally combine and eventually become Deadblind.

Deadblind offers handmade heavy metals, inspired by heavy metal. I make rugged, solid, chunky jewellery with a design style heavily inspired by 70s and 80s rock and metal music and the culture surrounding it. This is something I am personally very influenced by and therefore want to express through my jewellery. My vision is to create something that would be worn by rockers back then – and as a result visually and physically capturing that period in time.

I am also much inspired by nature’s forms and the natural beauty of the raw materials I work with, so I incorporate a sculptural and organic feel in my work, making sure each piece has a lot of material in it and highlightning its properties.

My goal today is to create something people can identify with and use to express themselves, and to share the love of jewellery and the handmade process behind it.

– Niels

Niels Hahn-Petersen