If you do not already know your ring size, you will need to measure it so you can get a perfect fitting ring.

In order to get the most accurate ring size, we recommend visiting a local jeweller to get measured by them professionally. You can also purchase a professional reusable ring sizer so you can accurately measure yourself. You can purchase these locally or almost anywhere online – simply search ‘reusable ring sizer’ on Google to find what you need.

It is also very quick and easy to measure your size at home, although this is not as accurate as the aforementioned methods. 

Simply follow the guide below in order to measure your finger. After you have your measurement, use the ring size chart below to find the correct size corresponding to your measurement. All ring sizes stated on our site are US sizes, so please use the chart below to also convert your size into US sizing.

If you already have a ring and would like another one in the same size, you can measure the inside diameter of the ring and we can make a new ring based on that measurement. Please contact us if you want a ring the same size as one you already own.

How to measure your ring size:

  1. Cut a strip of paper or non-flexible string or twine and wrap it around your finger. Use a wider strip of paper for thicker/wider rings. Use a thinner strip of paper or string/twine for thinner/narrower rings. Depending on your preferred fit, either tighten or loosen it to your liking. Generally you want it not too tight, not too loose – a snug fit right in between.

  2. Use a marker or pencil to mark where the paper/string meets itself.

  3. Lay out the paper/string on a flat surface and measure the distance between the marks in millimeters using a ruler.

  4. You now have your measurement, and can find your correspondent size in the chart below.

Ring size chart for converting your ring size:

If your size is below US 6 or above US 12 it means you will need a custom size. We can make any and all sizes but some very small and very large sizes will have to be custom made. If you need a custom size, or if you have any trouble measuring, converting or just getting the correct size in general, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.