We take pride in the fact that each and every piece of jewellery is lovingly and individually crafted by hand to the highest quality standards. Every aspect of the process is carried out by a set of hands from start to finish.

Most items are first carved in wax and then cast using the traditional lost-wax casting method. When carving something in wax, we start out with a blank block or chunk, similar to candle wax. A variety of tools such as picks and files are used to remove material, carving away at the wax block, until the final design is achieved. The wax model is then taken and cast into silver using the lost-wax casting method. The master metal ring is used to create a mould so the design can be reproduced. This process goes for all of our rings and pendants. 

Other pieces are hand fabricated from scratch, meaning they are made up of individual parts and raw material, usually sawed out, forged, melted, filed, bent, twisted, hammered and manipulated into shape, then assembled and soldered together before moving on to the finishing steps.

Before the final steps, the raw silver item has to go through numerous preparation steps. These include but are not limited to cleaning, sizing, soldering, filing, sanding, shaping, engraving and oxidizing. Finally the piece receives its rugged finish and final high polish. These processes are done with the help of specialized tools such as various files, tongs, hammers, polishing wheels and discs, sanding sticks, soldering equipment, chemicals for oxidizing, and buffing wheels with polishing compounds for the final high polish.

The handmade process behind creating our jewellery is incredibly important to us, and we really enjoy taking you behind the scenes and showing you what is going on when crafting jewellery by hand. We post behind the scenes content every week on our Instagram, giving you some insight into the process and hopefully help you understand the value, character, uniqueness and level of quality the handmade process gives the jewellery we make.

You can follow along on Instagram for a regular look into the process of hand-crafting our jewellery.


We work with only the highest quality metals and materials. As standard all items are handmade from solid 935 Argentium silver. Argentium silver is a metal alloy made up of 93.5% pure silver mixed with other metals such as germanium. The silver is mixed with a small amount of other metals to make it more durable and therefore more suitable for jewellery. Silver alloys are the go-to metal for jewellery, and the Argentium option is perfect as it is very versatile, great to work with and absolutely beautiful. Argentium silver also wears very nicely over time, achieving a beautiful and unique look with wear.

Argentium silver is a newer, better and higher quality version of the better-known traditional 925 sterling silver alloy. Argentium silver contains more pure silver and is mixed with germanium instead of copper. This makes Argentium silver stronger, brighter, shinier, more durable and more tarnish-resistant in comparison to sterling silver, and is therefore the superior option for jewellery, and we have therefore decided to use Argentium silver as our standard metal.

If you want something made in traditional 925 sterling silver, we can still make all items in this metal. Simply contact us if that is the case and we will accommodate.

We also work with more precious metals, usually gold. Our most popular option is 9 carat yellow gold, which is composed of 37.5% pure gold mixed with silver and copper. Although we do work with all carats up to 22 carat gold per request, as well as a variety of other metals such as white gold, platinum, brass or copper.

Please contact us if you wish to commission something in a metal other than Argentium silver.